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Alise Powell

Hi! I’m Alise, the creative force behind Alise Powell Designs, but you can call me Ali. When I’m not busy creating, I love spending time with my husband, Robert, and our two kids, Vivienne and Sawyer. My side-gig as a personal assistant for our two cherished doodles, Beatrice and Pearl, also keeps me on my toes from day to day. Growing up, I adored spending time with my grandmother, a talented self-taught florist and inspiring business woman. She helped to both influence and pave the way for me to pursue my own path of entrepreneurship, always encouraging me to be the very best version of myself I could be. The many years spent with her in her beloved floral shop helped nurture my excitement for creativity, design and all things beautiful, which have stayed with me all these years later. My passion for entertaining and love of organization led me to design and create the “Goodness Gracious” journal, in hopes to encourage modern hostesses and provide them with practical tips for fostering a warm, welcoming, environment within the walls of their own home, much like my grandmother taught me to do.

About Curate Greenville

I’m now channeling that same passion and enthusiasm for design, creativity, and community that I’ve had ever since I was a little girl, into an event that I hope will inspire and excite all those who attend. The idea for Curate Greenville emerged from a conversation with friends, and has blossomed into a reality before my eyes. Come join us for a unique shopping experience (with lots of coffee and champagne, of course!) celebrating local female entrepreneurs, hosted right here in our beautiful city of Greenville, SC. A curated space featuring boutique owners, artisans and creatives alike, spotlighting their one-of-a-kind products and designs.

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